Hiraeth Publishing’s April 2020 Newsletter


The Road Not Taken


Welcome back!


This past month we’ve added more titles to our Shop. With the shutdowns and quarantines, it’s a good time to catch up on your reading, and perhaps even indulge in some escapism. We can help you with that. Go check out our Shop and find something.


One of our newest additions is Pyra & the Tektites: Smugglers! Just as Pyra settles in on Europa to be tutored by Dr. O’Rourke and to study the morrikaru, Ceres Security comes for her. She escapes with Parker Bailey’s help, steals the security shuttle, and flees from Europa. Mark the Shark, notorious pirate, captures her and maroons her with the Tektite settlement on the asteroid known as Pirate’s Cay. She steals her stolen shuttle back, and goes into space with Parker and Chlorine Collingsworth. With little food, few skills, and limited options, they decide to become smugglers. Uh-oh…


Just portal on over to https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/pyra-and-the-tektites-3-smugglers-by-tyree-campbell


If you like escapism with a bite to it, try Midnight in the Witch’s Kitchen, an anthology edited by L. A. Story. Midnight in the Witch’s Kitchen is a harrowing time of magic and mayhem. Some can’t cook, while others obtain unexpected results from traditional spells. There’s always something brewing in the cauldrons. Grab the ladle and have a taste. Mind the finger food.


Just wave your wand to this link and order a copy: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/midnight-in-the-witch-s-kitchen


We’re developing guidelines for two new anthologies. One of them is to be titled It Came From Her Purse! Think Roger Corman movies. The title is all the guidance you get. Whatever it inspires you to write, that’s what you write. We’re looking for science fiction, fantasy, and dark fiction stories, but we won’t turn down a good mainstreamer. If the title sounds familiar, it’s because we did a similar anthology about a decade ago, which had great success. This one will, too.


The other is a drabble/haibun crossover. For us, a drabble is a story containing exactly 100 words, no more and no less. A haibun is a story punctuated with a haiku. A science fiction or fantasy haiku is known as a scifaiku. That’s what we’re looking for: a drabble with a related scifaiku at the end of it. If it sounds complicated, it’s not. Hey, it’s just a hundred words, right?


For examples of a haibun, please check out our online Scifaikuest. You can find it in our tool bar under the More option.


Okay, now for the monthly writing tip:


Occasionally we see dialogue like this:


“I was piloting the shuttle to Cratermart when an airfoil swerved in front of me and took the docking space I was going to take. Making matters worse, it was the only space left. I had to fly around the perimeter until someone finished shopping and left. I wasted twenty minutes on this. When I finally got into the shop and on the glideway between aisles, they were out of toilet paper. I couldn’t believe it,” Johanna said bitterly.


Well, folks, I’m serious here. This example was an exaggeration, but only slightly. All too often in submissions we see a chunk of dialogue with the dialogue tag at the very end. Please don’t do this. Tell the reader who is speaking. If there is a relevant mood or tone for the speaker, indicate that as well. The adjustment is simple: “I was piloting the shuttle to Cratermart when…I was going to take,” Johanna said bitterly. “Making matters worse…”


Watch for the Spring 2020 Illumen. You can order a copy in about a week (say, April 7, for those keeping score at home). This issue features:


Featured Poet: Francis W. Alexander

Interview with Melissa Mead

Haiku and Its Place in Dark Poetry by Greg Schwartz


Plus Kim Malinowski, Eric Robert Nolan, Alan Ira Gordon, Shawn Vimislicky, Colleen Anderson, and many more!

Illustrations by Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca


Without further ado, then: browse, read, buy, enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, send them to us at sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com.


See you next month. And please, from all of us at Hiraeth Publishing, stay safe.