Hiraeth Publishing’s June 2020 Newsletter

The Road Not Taken


Still here?  Good to know.  We’re here, too.  Let’s stay that way.  Those who pray, pray.  Those who sacrifice poultry and interpret entrails, keep those giblets flying.  Those who meditate, grab a Corona and find your beach and have at it.  Somehow, some way, we have got to learn to tolerate, to stop the hate on both sides, and be our own “better angels.”  It’s either that or die.  And we are free to choose our fate.


Science fiction and fantasy have been dealing with race relations in one way or another since…well, if you count The Epic of Gilgamesh, that would be around 3000 BC.  Interestingly, Gilgamesh was an actual person, even though he might not have been the epic character.  His father was supposedly a lillu, which means buffoon—but it also means a demon of the vampire type.  Which suggests SF/F has been around quite longer than that.  If we regard Gilgamesh and Enkidu as separate and racially different characters (not really much of a stretch there), then we see them battling for supremacy, two out of three falls—one went to each—and falling from exhaustion before completing that third fall.  After they caught their breath and blew the froth off a few, they became fast friends.


It was Sinead O’Connor who wrote and sang one titled “Drink Before the War” (the lyrics, incidentally, are relevant).  How about a drink after the war?  Folks, we can do this.  But to get it done, we have to do it.  Focus.

I said SF/F has been dealing with race relations for a quite a while now.  Our Shop  (see our toolbar) has quite a few titles dealing in one way or another with it.  Here are some suggestions:

    The Breathless Stars

    Red Moon Rising

    A Problem in Translation

    Thuvia, Maid of Earth

    Aoife’s Kiss

    Etched in Fire

    Candle and Pins

    Becoming Jade

    Sisterhood of the Blood Moon

    The Puppets of Low Magic

    The Runaways



    Bombay Sapphire

    Built to Serve

    A Wolf to Guard the Door

    The Brigstowe Dragons

    The Dice of God

    Meet the Mercusons

    Saturnial School Scenes

    The Caves of Titan

    The Waters of Nyr


The question has been asked many times, wondering if there are aliens from other worlds, why haven’t they shown themselves?  Maybe they’ve watched television lately.  Watched us lately.  Think about that.


We have an update on IT CAME FROM HER PURSE, to wit:  some writers have taken “purse” too literally.  Ergo and therefore, we have added a new paragraph to the guidelines, which is:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  “Purse” is not limited to a bag one carries around.  It can be a wallet, a billfold, a coin pouch, a sachet.  It can even refer to the prize for winning a horse race.  Avoid getting hung up on a bag with a strap.  If you’re looking for inspiration, think Roger Corman and what he might have done with this.  If you saw the movie My Step-Mother is an Alien, remember the purse in that one, which carried a living computer shaped like a snake. 


Capisci?  Bene.




We’re still looking for that special someone.  It’s a tech sort of position, very part-time—you can’t quit your day job, but it is a paid position and there are a few perks.  Here’s what we’re looking for:


Someone to convert .docx, or .doc, or even .rtf to mobi and to ePub.  If you have Adobe Acrobat and can embed fonts in a file, that’s a plus.  The work is ad hoc; that is, it’s as assigned.  However, for the first roughly six months or so, it will be fairly regular, until we get caught up.  The pay is more than proposed minimum wage.


To apply, simply send an e-mail to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com.  Be sure to put FORMATTING in the subject line, because otherwise we might figure the e-mail is a submission, and might not get around to opening it for a month or so.  We don’t need a resume; we’re looking for someone who can do the job and do it punctually.  Just tell us who you are and what you can do.


Okay, moving right along.


We’ve added some new titles, including three released just a couple days ago.  These are:


Spaceports & Spidersilk, June 2020:  science fiction and fantasy for younger readers.  It’s edited by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff of Canada.  It includes, among others, a story from noted writer Anne E. Johnson; a tale about a boy who encounters a telepathic dragonfly; and a yarn about snoutfires…er, dragons.  Try a subscription.  It’s reading for the whole family.


parABnormal Magazine, June 2020:  edited by H. David Blalock, long-lost relative of the Old Ones.  The title says it all.  Be sure to read it with all the lights on, or at least outside in the broad daylight.


Becoming Jade:  Annae (real name Maryjade) is communicatively challenged.  After the death of her twin sister, she has been unable to carry on a conversation with anyone except in the line of business negotiations (she’s an assassin).  She has compensated for this with an internal dialogue with her dead twin.  But now she has been marooned on a strange world, where the only denizens are somnolent children bearing potted plants, and a strange young woman who cannot speak.  Is Annae marooned forever?



(I heard that!)


a reminder that another anthology is still open:  DRABBUN!  Here’s what that’s all about:


Hiraeth editors Teri Santitoro and Wes Alexander have created a new minimalist poetry/storytelling form called Drabbun.  This form combines the qualities of a drabble (which is a story containing exactly,  precisely,  100 words) and a haibun, which is a poem that includes a short narrative story punctuated by a relevant haiku.  Eh voilà:  Drabbun!


As mentioned earlier, we are doing an anthology of Drabbuns.  It is now open for submissions.  Please go to our Guidelines (there’s a dropdown under More in the toolbar that will take you there).


Without further ado, then:  browse, read, buy, enjoy.  If you have any questions or comments, send them to us at sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com.  


See you next month.  And please, from all of us at Hiraeth Publishing, stay safe.


Tyree Campbell

Writer and Managing Editor