Hiraeth Publishing’s August 2020 Newsletter

The Road Not Taken

Someone asked me on a writers’ conference call recently, “What is Truth?” I replied that I wrote fiction. Fiction is my Truth. Sometimes the purpose of writing fiction can be to help in some way to prevent it from becoming Truth. It doesn’t always—or even often—work.

For example, in Aoife’s Kiss, which I conceptualized back in 2002, I postulated that our government would engage in a conspiracy to kill off a lot of the older folks and physically- or mentally-challenged in order to save money in pensions, social security, and medical care. I was (I hope) wrong about the process, but consider what is happening now.

For example, in A Wolf to Guard the Door, which I conceptualized back in 2015, I postulated rioting and burning out of control in the U.S. and all over the world, all because there were too many problems to solve and not enough solutions. Consider what is happening now.

For example, in The Quinx Effect, which I conceptualized back around 2005, I postulated that the U.S. government would withdraw from space exploration by human beings because money was needed for social programs. While the jury is still out on that one, be it noted that private industry is more active with human space programs than the government.

For example, in a short story titled Suttee, published by Nomadic Delirium Press in a collection titled Quantum Women, and conceptualized in 2007, I postulated that everyone would get chipped, so that the government would know exactly, precisely, where everyone was at all times. Isn’t that in the works right now? Now, I suspect I am not alone in these speculations; I’m good (I hope), but I’m hardly unique. But that 8-ball that rolls up answers to questions is starting to come up snake-eyes. The Truth? Well…it’s out there.

Ad astra!

The ONLINE EDITION of the August 2020 SCIFAIKUEST is now available for your reading pleasure. It’s free! Here’s the link: scifaikuest-online-august-2020


We continue to be open to story submission for our upcoming anthology, IT CAME FROM HER PURSE. Check the guidelines for…well, for guidelines. Here’s the link: ITCAME FROM HER PURSE

The new Drabble contest is still open. The theme for this contest is “Diplomatic Immunity for Extra-terrestrial Visitors.” Plug in those imaginations and gin up a submission or two! Guidelines can be read at this link: Drabble Contest

Another anthology is still open: DRABBUN! Here’s what that’s all about:

Hiraeth editors Teri Santitoro and Wes Alexander have created a new minimalist poetry/storytelling form called Drabbun. This form combines the qualities of a drabble (which is a story containing exactly, precisely, 100 words) and a haibun, which is a poem that includes a short narrative story punctuated by a relevant haiku. Eh voilà: Drabbun! Please check the guidelines; here’s the link: DRABBUN


We have several new publications available for your enjoyment, pondering, and meditation. These are now listed in our shop. If you will allow me…

Crimes of some form will be with us as long as there are laws to break. Technology helps solve those crimes. But those solutions will always be found by the ones who get down and dirty—the detectives. Come see what the future holds
for the dark side of law & order.

This handbook contains articles about how to write various minimalist poetry forms such as scifaiku, senryu, sijo, haibun, empat perkataan, ghazals, cinquain, cherita, rengays, rengu, octains, tanka, threesomes, and many more. Each article is written by an expert in that particular poetry form. Teri Santitoro, aka sakyu, who assembled this handbook, has been the editor of Scifaikuest since 2003.

The first in a new series of space adventures: Five hundred years into the future, Pevely Keiser is the capo of the criminal organization called Temmen. Temmen runs itself, for the most part, with only a few lethal nudges from Pevely to keep people in line. Lately she has two things on her mind. She wants to do something good and useful with the funds that accrue to the gang. And she wants a companion or two to help her…and perhaps to share her bed, for she well knows it’s lonely at the top. Now she has a chance to snag a billion in cash. But there’s a catch: two different
planetary governments control the money, and will go to any lengths to see that it is delivered to the right place at the right time. Pevely has help: a ne’er-do-well young man with a checkered past, and a teen-age woman who loves the desert world where the money is now, and who engages in a secret rebellion that could get Pevely killed.

The second in a new series of space adventures: In the process of training her two new assistants (and possible companions) Pevely comes across a young woman being chased. Taking her on board, Pevely soon learns of a devastating conspiracy that threatens the Confederation with totalitarian rule. The key to the solution lies in the hands of one of her employees, but is it the right key? Only the corporate hierarch who leads the conspiracy knows for sure. And he is the father of the woman Pevely rescued.

Drabble Harvest #16 is now in the works…a bit late, but we should have it listed by 10 August in our shop. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

Without further ado, then: browse, read, buy, enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, send them to us at sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com.

See you next month. And please, from all of us at Hiraeth Publishing, stay safe.

Tyree Campbell
Writer and Managing Editor