Hireath Publishing prides itself in featuring the work of some of the most talented writers and artists. We have creatives all over the world contributing to our effort, and we couldn't be more pleased to showcase their work.

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive. Some writers and artists may not be included, but we will try to get them listed as soon as possible.


Adamson, Mike

Last Train to Deakin Valley

Blalock, H David



High Kings

parABnormal Magazine (editor)

Idolaters of Cthulhu (editor)

Miskatonic Dreams (editor)

City in the Ice (editor)

Mad Visions of Al-Hazred (editor)

Boston, Bruce

The Guardener's Tale

Bowden, Maureen

Whispers of Magic

Brown, Lorraine Pinelli

Puppets of Low Magic


State of the Art

Bryant, Shelley



Voices of the Elders

Lined Palm

Campbell, Tyree

Too many to list

Clark, GO

Built to Serve

Comfort of Screams

Twists and Turns

Cox, Edward

Wolves of Glastonbury (with Terrie Leigh Relf)

DeLuca, Sandy

Journey to Talazia

Erwine, J Alan

A Problem in Translation

Red Moon Rising

Where the Fleet of Stars is Anchored


Evans, Kendall

Bring Me the Head of Philip K Dick's Simulacrum


Favazza, Angel

Canine Chronicles


Feo, Debby

Blood on the Moon

Trail of Blood

Meet the Mercusons

Vow of Blood

Here Be Vampires

Dark and Bloody Ground

Saturnial School Scenes

Between Bites

Caves of Titan


Gordon, Alan Ira

Planet Hunter


Hardy, KS


Weaving the Light

Herrera, Gilda A.

Being 8: Asleep and Awake


Hudson, Beth

A Gift of Flame

Etched in Fire

Following Seas


Kopaska-Merkel, David A.

Nursery Rhyme Noir

Krog, Robert J

A Bagful of Eyes

No Greater Love (editor)

Lewis, Tyson

Window to the Monster's Eyes

Maze to the Monster's Heart


Lopez III, Aurelio Rico

Abra Cadaver

Mannone, John C.

This is Apocalypse


McPherson, Danith

Monarch of Lightning


Merriam, Michael

The Curious Case of the Jeweled Alicorn


Murphy, Eamonn

The Brigstowe Dragons: Dragons' Eggs

The Brigstowe Dragons: Brigstowe Beseiged

The Brigstowe Dragons: The Return of the Black Magician


Otto, Bill

Tidings of Madness and Joy


Raymer, Herika R

Miskatonic Nightmares (editor)

Eldrich Dream Realms (editor)

Reinhart, John

Broken Bottle of Time


Relf, Terri Leigh

An Untoward Bliss of Moons

Postcards from Space

Sisterhood of the Blood Moon

Waters of Nyr

Wolves of Glastonbury (with Edward Cox)

Blood Journey (with Henry Lewis Sanders)

The Poet's Workshop and Beyond

Drabble (editor)


Sanders, Henry Lewis (deceased)

Blood Journey (with Terrie Leigh Relf)


Santitoro, Teri

The Legend of Trey Valentine

Scifaikuest (editor)


Shoberg, John

Time Off


Sng, Christina



Sridhar, Priya


Neo-Mecha Mayhem

Summers, David Lee

Blood Sampler (with Lee Clark Zumpe)


Story, LA

Midnight in the Witch's Kitchen (editor)


Tentchoff, Marcie Lynn

Spaceports & Spidersilk (editor)


West, Jacqueline

Candle and Pins

White, Martin

Blood Price


Williamson, MR

Curse of the Monkey's Paw

The Green Lady

Can You See Me?

Bridges into the Imagination

Horned Jack: The Early Years


Zheng, Ailsa


Zumpe, Lee Clark

Blood Sampler (with David Lee Summers)




Bielaczyc, Michael

Idolaters of Cthulhu

Borell, Marcia

Tidings of Madness and Joy

Crist, Vonnie Winslow

Spaceports & Spidersilk

Dee, Dina

parABnormal Magazine

DeLuca, Sandy



Gardner, Shannon Elizabeth

parABnormal Magazine


Gendron, Andree

parABnormal Magazine


Givens, Laura

Cover designs and illustrations

Hemlin, Anders

parABnormal Magazine


Kaminski, Matt

City in the Ice

parABnormal Magazine

Keen, Toe

parABnormal Magazine

Lippincott, Stuart

parABnormal Magazine


O'Connor, Camille Marie

parABnormal Magazine

Rosandich, Dan

parABnormal Magazine

Simon, Marge


Short Story, Poetry, Articles, Reviews

We want to thank all of the writers and artists for contributing their work .

It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to present it to our readers.

Abel, Stephen

Adam, Mark David

Adams, Derek

Alexander, Francis W.

Allen, Dan

Anderson, Colleen

Arch, Jasmine

Barbour, Roxanne

Beauchamp, Deborah L.

Bell, R. Jean

Benton, Ralph

Blackwell, CW

Blackwell, Will H, Jr.

Bondoni, Gustav

Buentello, Lawrence

Cagle, Paul

Campbell, Erica Ciko

Campbell, Ramsey

Cappa, Paul

Carrabis, Joseph

Cates, Dr. Anna

Cherry, Danizel

Clark, Jon

Clay, Damian Jay

Collingwood, Alex

Couturier, Scott J.

Crist, Vonnie Winslow

Dae, Koji A.

Darling, Graham J.

Davidson, Tracy

Day, Holly

deWinter, RC

DiFabio, Ian

Dioses, Ashley

Dosser, Jeff

Duihar, Emmes

Durisen, Richard H.

Fabiyas, MV

Federle, Jessica

Fillbrook, Tanya

Fitts, Ben
Foster, Voss

Gepp. S.

Glen, Teel James

Gomez, Art

Gordon, Alan Ira

Gray, Roy

Grey, John

Hard, Amanda

Hardy, KS

Hause, Brittany

Hayes, Randall D.

Hoe, Andrew K.

Hope, Benjamin

Howard, Tom

Huberty, R. Michael

Hunter, Mark R.

Johnson, Anne E.

Jones, Gareth D

Jones, TR

Keen, Nina

Kelly, MX

Kern, Simone

Kirsten, Anike

Kodnar, Thomas

Kranendonk, Kellee

Krog, Michael

Landis, William

Leigh, Veronica

Love, Pamela

Maddux, Jason E.

Malinowski, Kim

Margariti, Avra

Marsh, CP

Marshall, Denny

McArdle, Jennifer

McBride, Lauren

McCormack, Dawn

McKee, Trisha

Mead, Melissa

Mifsud, Jeremy

Minns, Steph

Morgan, Mike

Muk, Derek

Murphy, Eamonn

Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Nolan, Eric Robert

Norris, Benjamin Whitney

Norris, Gregory L.

O'Brien, Anna

O'Donnell, Hugh J.

Olson, Brian Gene

Paterson, W. Tyler

Pinaire, LK

Porter, Robert E.

Poyner, Ken

Reyes, Luisa K.

Riley, David A.

Roberts, Jessi L.

Robichaud, Daniel R.

Rodriguez, Chris

Ross, AD

Russell, Doug

Russell, Thomas Lyon

Sakai, Oino

Samuels, David

Saunders, C M

Savage, Andrew J.

Schlaht, Albert

Schwartz, Greg

Shaw, William

Simon, Marge

Schiolistein, Eleanor

Smith, Cathy

Smith, Daniel C.

Smith, Paige Elizabeth

Sng, Christine

Spragins, Elizabeth Spencer

Story, L. A.

Stripling, Glen R.

Swift, MS

Timpf, Lisa

Toner, JB

Towse, Mark

Treewell, Vincent

Tyrer, DJ

Vance, Jeremy

Vance, Marcus

Walter, Joseph Charles

Watson, Connie R.

Wayland, James

Webb, Imogean

Webb, William Alan

White, Lynn

Wilmot, Andrew

Wisten, Rone

Vimislinky, Shawn

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