A WOLF TO GUARD THE DOOR by Tyree Campbell

A WOLF TO GUARD THE DOOR by Tyree Campbell

Mobs rule!

Societies around the globe have fallen apart, as more things go wrong than can be counted. Furious mobs riot, loot, torch, and slaughter. Others quietly hoard and hide, and pray. Communications function intermittently. Electromagnet pulses damage electronics and render many vehicles useless. Soldiers and police leave their jobs to spend the last moments with their families.

One small and desperate group from the U.S. heads for the sparsely-populated and undesirable Pyrenees, hoping to be left alone. But their animosities make them a microcosm of society’s breakdown. Blake’s wife was butchered by Muslims. Nouh, a Boston cabbie, is a Muslim. Nollaig has just given birth and slows the group’s progress. Jameela hates white folks. Addison Russell thinks he should be in charge because he has money. Tonya doesn’t care for men. Miller Sinclair, an ex-Marine, is running out of patience, and she has a loaded pistol. Adriana is a Romani, her people driven out by the French. And teenager Derek Post is oblivious to everything but his GameBoy.

They’ve all crowded in Blake’s SUV. Maybe the onrushing tsunami won’t reach them. Maybe their vehicle won’t run out of gas. Maybe they’ll make it to the mountains.

This is the way the world ends…and might begin again…if they don’t kill each other first.



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