"Saturnial School Scenes" focuses on a school on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.  The school has students from pre-school age to the end of high school.  The school's name is the Galileo Interplanetary School, aka the GIS.  Students come from throughout the Solar System and beyond. Some of the students and one of the teachers have wings, either feathered or bat-like. The GIS is located in the Xanadu region of Titan, in the Eir Macula Colony, the first colony settled by Humans from Earth.

The 38 students of the GIS take several field trips a year, including a trip to the Water Reclamation plant on one of the Rings of Saturn.  Their principal, Mr. Falusappedd, always accompanies them on their excursions, and sometimes his extra set of eyes, on the back of his head, are very useful in keeping them safe.

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