VOYUESE: TRAPPED by Tyree Campbell

VOYUESE: TRAPPED by Tyree Campbell

Meet Voyeuse:

Her day name is Lisa Verdi. She comes from Ecuador, she’s a bit kinky, and she is
descended from the Incas, by whom she is empowered. She can sense crimes before they are committed, and the sensation arouses her—so she watches, to intervene at the very last moment, because she’s the one she pleases.

Now one of the two people she cares most about has been taken prisoner by the ghostly spirit of Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador who destroyed the Inca Empire and murdered Lisa’s Inca ancestor. Pizarro now wants to kill Voyeuse. Lisa can’t go to the police, who have orders to arrest her. Her only hope is to negotiate an exchange—one that will surely result in her death.



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