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another move

never taking your lot for granted

the life of a terraformer








broken domes


lunar assassin

low tech avoids detection

boy with slingshot


Herb Kauderer




feeling emptiness

but you weren't programmed to cry

tears will make you rust


William Landis




unborn child

artificial womb

android wife


William Landis





overclocked circuits run hot

free will for cyber


Peter Makus




"Comedy Marathon"


longest ever sitcom

150 years running

original cast holograms


Matthew Wilson




springtime on Pluto

nitrogen cliffs soften

in the pinprick sun


David C. Kopaska-Merkel




strippers on Vega

really take it all off

House sells the skins


David C. Kopaska-Merkel




another sunrise
the army of nano-slaves

in dark holes


Sina Sanjari


abandoned spaceship
never transmitted message

on screen


Sina Sanjari




android laugh —

all the crickets



Tony Burfield



border wall —

just one hop

for the droids


Tony Burfield




scales AND fins for Zot dinner

for the holiday


C.P. Marsh




cyborged ladybug                       

crawls over leaves – assessing

moisture content


Karin L. Frank




bright angels descend
as klaxons cry a warning
apocalypse, now


Laurence Raphael Brothers




triumvirate quarks
awash in superfluid seas


Kimberly Nugent  




Big Chill

74 years

in deep space warp

frozen dreams


WC Roberts




renowned Andromeda circus

holographic lion bites girl’s hand

“it tickles!”


Avra Margariti




planetary picnic
alien refuse
creating new crops

William Shaw




first contact

an alien probe

collides with ours


Tracy Davidson




design application
time dilation hobby

Roxanne Barbour




thought machine
vegetation in pain


Roxanne Barbour




Telephone 101 UFO hotline

by Neil Strahl and Gran





vampire dentistry
blood red toothpaste
expensive braces


William Shaw





economic depression


budget committee

some hard choices are required

three minutes a day

Martian dome air is turned off

the colonists hold their breath


Herb Kauderer



our ships
sail past the horizon
and into deep space
type III
Kardashev civilization


Christina Sng



There Are Wolves in the Woods


If you look closely

The path breaks past the river

Called the final turn

It welcomes you, sun through leaves

They wait for you to stumble


Stevehen Warren




after the invasion

all that's left behind

by aliens...

bodies and bits of cloth

with stars and stripes on


Tracy Davidson




electronic circuits
submerged in mud
telepathic communication


Roxanne Barbour 


​​Martian Baby by Gran and Strahl





revisionist history

Herb Kauderer







in the computer

at the end of time




to edit

code parameters




the same old

thing another time






News alert: the inception of spontaneous wormholes on Earth turns science experiments awry.

yet again
Schrödinger‘s cat vanishes
from the glass box
only to reappear
beside its food bowl

Christina Sng




January 12, 2077


The virus keeps mutating—a few base pairs here, enough to change envelope protein configurations there—and it mutates faster than we can manufacture a vaccine or cure. The original strain was simple enough of a virus, and if funding had been in place when the virus first emerged, it could have been snuffed out within weeks.


Black Volta, or Zombie’s Disease in lay terms, had appeared several times since the timber industry boom in Ghana; the last appearance spread to neighboring countries before containment, infecting at least 5,000. Symptoms were less severe than they are now, and no masticated brains were broadcast on the news. No economies took a big hit, and travel bans to the US, China, and the EU seemed to halt the spread to our alliance countries. The WHO’s warnings and the CDC’s pleas for funding were largely ignored by those in power.


Five of us military scientists remain at the fortified Fort Detrick lab, holed up behind barricaded doors, pressure locks, and what remains of Special Operations. I fear this log may be the only surviving account of human history and the final demise of man, destined to sit in this lab for centuries until a sentient race does an archaeological dig on this site.


Through the glass, I see the fires flickering out on the horizon. The soldiers murmur about the last of our nuclear arsenal dropping on Chicago tomorrow, delivered by the last of the planes. Traditional weapons are being transported to our location, but I fear the Humvee convoy is as doomed as the last. Exhaustion and starvation are claiming more lives than the zombie bites or weapons now. The last granola bar tastes stale as I choke it down with tonight’s water ration.


better if used by


expiration dates


Colleen M. Farrelly




FAVORITE POEM by editor, t.santitoro


springtime on Pluto

nitrogen cliffs soften

in the pinprick sun


David C. Kopaska-Merkel


The last line totally makes this poem! It says so much about distance, and is a great ah-ha moment! Well done, David!






Tony Burfield lives with his wife in the foothills of the Rockies and works at the Boulder Public Library. His poetry collection, Sawhorse, won Middle Creek Publishing's chapbook award in 2017.


Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and technologist. His haiku have been published by the Haiku Foundation and in the Asahi Shimbun. His WWI-era fantasy novel Twilight Patrol will be coming out in August from Alban Lake Publishing. Follow him on twitter: @lbrothers.,


Tracy Davidson lives in Warwickshire, England, and writes poetry and flash fiction. Her work has been published in various publications and anthologies. Apart from writing, Tracy loves sci-fi movies, crime novels, astronomy and photography.


Colleen M. Farrelly is a mathematician who enjoys all things writing. Her areas of research include quantum machine learning and topological data analysis. She enjoys the Florida sunshine, everything related to the ocean, and the South Florida Writers' Association.


Andree Gendron, a multi-talented artist, has been with us since the ProMart days!


Herb Kauderer is an English professor with a PhD in popular literature, and an MFA in creative writing.  His writing has won the Asimov's Readers Award, the Ewaipanoma Sonnet Contest, the WorldCon Poetry Slam, and the Sycamore Award.  It has also been a finalist for the Analog AnLab Readers Award, received Honorable Mention in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and been a frequent nominee for the Rhysling, Pushcart, Elgin, and Dwarf Star Awards.  He has written a movie and a stage play and short fiction, and occasionally edits as well.  He blames his publishing record on being a fifth generation Buffalonian who is often snowed in.


William Landis: a hobby speculative poet and history buff who by profession is an agricultural extension agent for North Carolina A&T State University, and an engineering officer for the National Guard. 


Avra Margariti is a queer Social Work undergrad from Greece. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms and writes about diverse identities and experiences.


Peter Makus: Peter is a software engineer who has occasionally trod the boards and who aspires to surprise the world into deeper thought on ideas abstract and mundane, unique and clichéd, timely and out of time.


Kimberly Nugent is a freelance editor and stay at home mom who tortures her cats with death metal as she flits about the house. She is also a gamer, nerd, and lover of all things geek.


William Shaw is a poet and blogger from Sheffield, England. He has been writing haiku for seven years, and sci-fi for as long as he can remember. You can find him on Twitter @Will_S_7


Neil Strahl: Boris Grann and I have an arrangement where I am his agent and writer.


Stevehen Warren: A former New Yorker hiding in New England. He currently writes strange stories for strange people.


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