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As many of you know, a drabble is a brief story containing exactly 100 words, with a title of no more than 15 words (not included in the word count of the story).


And as you may also know, a haibun is a poem consisting of both a prose (or short story) section and a haiku-like section, either of which may define, enhance, reinforce or otherwise support the other section.


Combining the two creates a new poetry form, one you can be in on at the very beginning! The new form is called DRABBUN. Welcome aboard.


What we'd like to see, is a Drabbun of just 100 words total, including both the prose part and the poem (but not including the title). Your poem, which usually comes at the end of the story, should be three lines, have a Zen feel and a great ah-ha moment, just like a regular haiku/scifaiku. Your combination prose and poem should tell a story, and may be funny, sad, poignant or anything in between, as long as it is scifi, fantasy, or horror.


Hyphenated words count as one word. Count your own words to be certain of your total, don't rely on your Word program. It's only 100 words, you can do it. If your word count is incorrect, we will notify you and require an adjustment, or decline your submission altogether.


Payment is $1.00 per accepted haibun-drabble, and contributors will also receive a contributor copy.


Please send no more than two submissions in the body of an email to:  gatrix65 at yahoo dot com. IMPORTANT: Put DRABBUN and your last name in the subject line of your submission e-mail.


Always include your FULL CONTACT INFORMATION (name, snail mail address, email and PayPal address) on every submission. Submissions without contact information may be deleted without notice. You may also send a brief (just a sentence or two) bio with your submission.


Editors for this issue of DRABBUN are Francis Wesley Alexander and teri santitoro. For questions, you can reach us at gatrix65 at yahoo dot com.

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