All These Worlds Are Stages


The First Word from the Editor:


The holiday season is fast approaching. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that books and coloring books make excellent gifts. We have these in our Shop at www.hiraethsffh.com. There is even a one-time discount code for you to use. It is BOOKS2021. Buy one, buy a hundred, but do it all at once.


Don’t forget, we have sf/f for younger readers, too. These include coloring books.

Color Me Strange

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Tidings of Madness and Joy (Cthulhu)


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The Doggo Book

Canine Chronicles

Colo Collins

Being 8

Dinary Thumb

Alien Bedtime Stories

Blood Price

Built to Serve

The Galaxy Jump



And now, the rest of the newsletter.


We are now open to submissions for a new Lovecraftian anthology called Soldiers of the Old Ones. This is your heads-up announcement to get out those quills and inkwells and start inscribing. Here’s what we want to see:


In this, our seventh anthology of the Lovecraftian series, we are looking for tales of the people who fight for, sacrifice for, and work toward the takeover of the world by the Old Ones. In a previous anthology, we dealt with the worshipers. They helped bring about the appearance of the Old Ones. The soldiers in this anthology are those who actually help the manifest Old Ones in their conquest.


This is war. Conflict. There will be atrocity. Horror in the truest sense of the word, from madness to mayhem. Tell us about the weapons, physical and not, used by the soldiers in their campaigns. Show us the progress or lack thereof toward the endgame of total victory for the Old Ones or humanity. Is it possible humanity can win? Maybe, but show us how.


We recognize that horror requires a certain amount of leeway on some things, but be warned. We look down on overuse of specific issues. These include:


• Sexual content not inherent to the storyline. No pornography. Keep your tentacles to yourself.
• Explicit description of torture or sacrifice, human or otherwise. As a plot device, there is a way to present this without resorting to splatter. A certain amount of gore is to be expected, but don't overdo it.
• Violence or abuse against a minor, infant to teenager.

• Overuse of profane language. People curse. But not every sentence.
• Hate language against a race, creed, or gender. Against monstrous races and gods, that’s okay.
• Quoting previously published material not in the public domain. This is a legal issue and will not be tolerated at all.


Check out the guidelines here: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/soldiers

​The drabble contest, Time Travel Gone Wrong! has ended (we’re also announcing a new contest, see below). Terrie Leigh Relf would like to thank everyone for their participation. We received a multitude of submissions, and will publish more in this issue than in any of our past issues. Apparently the theme appealed. Drabble Harvest: Time Travel Gone Wrong will be published on 1 December 2021. Contest winners are:

First Place: "MY FOOT GOT LEFT BEHIND" by Debby Feo

Second Place: Larry Hinkle for "Loope de Loop de Loop"

Honorable Mention: "The Year 2525" by Francis W. Alexander

Honorable Mention: "Time To Move" by Elizabeth Guilt

Honorable Mention:  "A Lonely Halloween"by Gary Davis

Honorable Mention: "Who?" By Marcia A. Borell


Hiraeth Publishing is also pleased to announce a new Drabble Contest. The theme is “Marcia’s Murder Mysteries.” Guidelines are here: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/drabble-contest

Regarding THE HUNGUR CHRONICLES: We did not receive a sufficient number of publishable stories for the 1 November 2021 issue. Therefore, we will make the 1 May 2022 issue the first of this publication. All work already accepted will be carried over to the May issue.


If you have a vampire story, especially one that involves alien vampirism, please do send it along (after reading the guidelines, of course). The link to the guidelines is: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/hungur-chronicles-guidelines

The anthology COSMIC CRIME STORIES Winter 2021 is now closed to submissions. HOWEVER, the anthology COSMIC CRIME STORIES Spring 2022 is still open—guidelines are still the same. If you’ve got a sf/f crime story, let’s have a look at it! Here is the link to the guidelines:



Hiraeth Publication still has room for one, perhaps two, more stories for its anthology INFRADEAD: TALES OF HUMAN EXTINCTION. You are encouraged to peruse the guidelines here: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/infradead-guidelines

Potter’s Field 7 is currently undergoing layout and cover design. Its release date is 1 November 2021.

Hiraeth Publishing also remains open to submissions for the Drabbun anthology. Guidelines are here: Drabbun – https://www.hiraethsffh.com/drabbun



So break out the legal pads and the No. 2s and the coffee, and get started. The submissions address is hiraethsubs at yahoo dot com, except for The Hungur Chronicles and Drabbun, whose submissions addresses are in the guidelines.


The ONLINE EDITION of the August 2021 SCIFAIKUEST remains posted for your reading pleasure. It’s free! The link is: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/scifaikuest-online-august-2021




We have new publications available for your enjoyment, pondering, and meditation. These are now listed in our Shop. If you will allow me…




Featured Poet: Stephen C. Curro


The Stephen C. Curro Page

The Ngo Binh Anh Khoa Page

The Margarida Brei Page

The Tyler McIntosh Page

The Matthew Wilson Page

The Joanne Morcom Page

The Greg Fewer Page

The Brian Rosenberger Page

The Benjamin Whitney Norris Page

The William Shaw Page

The Greg Schwartz Page

The Tom Sacramona Page

The Guy Belleranti Page

…and Halloween art by Denise Noe and Denny Marshall!

Order a copy here: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-november-2021-edited-by-t-santitoro





Sorry this one is a bit late—we had some production and printer difficulties. Here’s what’s in this issue:


Peridot Episode 1 by Tyree Campbell, reviewed by Alan Ira Gordon

Who’s Who?


Short Stories

Far Behind by Laura J. Campbell

Alchemy by John Walters

A Tale of Two Androids by Debby Feo

Evasion by Gustavo Bondoni

Mission to Clarity by Richard Zwicker

Winter on Aubarch 6 by David A. Riley

Cenote Update: Actions and Reactions by Debby Feo


Flash Fiction

Zach Is Dead! by Jason Lairamore



Signal Failure by Louis B. Rosenberg

Burnt Birds and Flowers by Thomas E. Simmons

Relationship by Baishampayan Seal

Itinerant by Tyree Campbell


And here’s where you can get a copy: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/martian-wave-october-2021-edited-by-tyree-campbell





As the Crow Flies by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

Très Mal by Paul Lubaczewski

The Cat’s Meow by Joss Schlossberg

Milk by Iri Sumner

The Key of Love, or Lovesick by Robyn Groth

The Blight by Will H. Blackwell Jr.

The God of West Kansas by Frank Oreto

Meditation by Tom Pawlowski

The Eagle by Claire Fitzpatrick

Flash Fiction

Serenity by Glen R. Stripling


Woman Crow Dining by Marge Simon

The Innocent by Marge Simon

Plus: Bruce Boston, K. S. Hardy, Lee Clark Zumpe, and many more!


Cover price: $10.00; SALE PRICE: $5.00


Order a copy here: https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/disturbed-digest-december-2018




From out of left field, beyond the Pale, farther than stars, nearer than you think. G. O. Clark, telling stories in Bradburyesque fashion, takes you to the odd sides of life, where what you think is real might be an illusion, and what you fear might be real, is.

Already this is the month’s best-seller! Get your copy here today!




Forced to flee from the media, thanks to an article by Stéphanie claiming an affair between Peridot and the Mayor, Ricia and Nathalie seek refuge among the immigrants from former French colonies. Ricia receives a summons from Sequana, the Celtic goddess that empowers her, to find a cache of Carthaginian coins. In doing so, she encounters another immigrant, Binyelum, and it is clear to her that Sequana has “arranged” this meeting. But what is its purpose?

Mars, meanwhile, continues his war against Peridot and Sequana. Having given the Carthaginians those coins, he now wants them back, and will go to any lengths at all to regain them.

The Mayor of Grenoble, also afflicted by the media, is offered a chance to help the immigrants. But with the cloud of scandal hanging over him, what can be done?

For Peridot…it’s all in a day’s work.






In this novel, Graham Greenaway, a 48-year-old financial consultant from Chicago, suddenly finds that he’s transported into an alternate world every other day. Stunned and confused, he tries to ground himself by keeping a diary of his experiences in these worlds, each of which challenges him in a different way.






Pyra is abducted from Europa by How-To, a minion of Mark the Shark. Shark claims Pyra owes him money, and insists that she make a smuggling run to Earth to pay him back. After Pyra arrives on Earth, she finds that she does not know where she is, or where she needs to go. A girl named Kathi, who works in a fast-food restaurant, tries to help her. When two boys accost them, Pyra is able to defend herself and Kathi.


But matters are not always simply for Pyra. She finds that she gets more on this trip than she bargained for. But she also makes a new friend. Now all she has to do is complete her smuggling assignment.




Without further ado, then: browse, read, buy, enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, send them to us at hiraethsubs at yahoo dot com.


See you next month. And please, from all of us at Hiraeth Publishing, stay safe, and as Red Green used to say, “Keep your stick on the ice!”


Tyree Campbell

Storyteller and Managing Editor