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Editor H David Blalock




Dragons are icons of fantasy and legends about them abound. Found in novels, poetry, and art, they stir the imagination as helpers, heroes, villains, and symbols of love, fear, and wealth. We are looking for renderings of dragons in writing and art that capture the essence of these fascinating creatures.


The anthology will be open for submissions from 1 October 2023 to 1 January 2024 or if filled before. Publication will be on or about 15 June 2024. Response to submissions should take 60 days. If you submit and do not receive a response of acceptance or rejection of your work by then, contact us.

Should insufficient interest be shown for the anthology, any contributors who have submitted will be advised by 1 January 2024 and the anthology will be canceled. Any remuneration previously paid will be retained by the author/artist.



We do not want multiple submissions, reprints, or simultaneous submissions.

Submit one work at a time.


STORIES shall be original fiction of 3,000 to 6,000 words FIRM. No more, no less. Works outside the word count will be deleted unread. Send manuscripts in standard manuscript format as a DOC or DOCX file attached to the email. No more than five (5) stories shall be accepted for the anthology. A dragon must be central to the story, not incidental. Although it may never actually be seen by the main character, there must be no doubt in the reader's mind of its existence.


POETRY shall be of 10 to 24 lines FIRM and be as explicit about the dragon(s) as possible. Include your poem in the body of the email. Attachments will be deleted unread. No more than five (5) poems shall be accepted for the anthology.


ART shall be black and white submitted in PNG, JPG, or GIF format of a size not smaller than 8.5x11 in. or metric equivalent as an attachment to the email. No more than five (5) pieces shall be accepted for the anthology.


COVER ART will be commissioned separately. If you wish to be considered for cover art, send a link to an online portfolio or website. No specimens, please.


  • Excessive gore. Violence is expected but the explicit description of its result is not necessary.

  • Sex not inherent to the plot. We are not an erotic fiction market.

  • Description of, or allusion to, abuse of minors or sexual assault.

  • Excessive usage of foul language. The F bomb should be used sparingly, if at all. Our intent is to address a wide audience, including minors.

  • Fan fiction



(All in USD, on acceptance)


Stories shall be paid at 8 cents/word for the first 3000 words and 3 cents/word thereafter.

Poetry shall be paid at $1.00/line.

Art shall be paid at $30/piece.

Cover art shall be paid $300.




Submissions should be sent to and


include name, mailing address, and payment preference (Paypal or check) in the cover letter.

Do not include a bio or previous publication history.

That information will be requested if necessary.



We reserve the right to delete unread without notifying you any submissions that do not include name, mailing address, and payment preference in the body of the email.

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