BLOOD MOON by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

BLOOD MOON by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

Rachel Mapes is on the run, and is tired—emotionally and physically—from
running. A mob of men is chasing her, their intent murderous, for they regard her as a witch. The mob draws ever closer, sniffing out her trail. The small group that accompanies her has been sent on ahead toward safety.


Meanwhile Rachel gathers herself in a room where she wants to just die. What Rachel doesn’t know is that she is being watched over by the spirits of the land. By Blue Coyote, a shaman. By Maengun, who is both a wolf and the spirit of the wolf. By Gaagaagi, the spirit of the crows, who can summon entire flocks if he wishes. Thus begins a classic conflict between a woman who wants to die and spirits who will not allow her that relief, because they know she still has a purpose in life.

Blood Moon is both intelligent and relevant. Each page seems to have at least one germ of wisdom or insight—stuff that makes you stop and ponder its other applications. This novel is not merely worth reading…but worth reading over and over again.



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