CAROUSEL by Priya Sridhar

CAROUSEL by Priya Sridhar

When a university patron takes interest in her past, conductor Renee Zingany shies away from the intrusion. Renee hasn't performed any magic or faced a demon in years, and she wants her life to remain that way. She prefers writing symphonies and conducting orchestra students to reading Tarot. 
     Then the Pied Piper, a demon from her past, comes to steal her students, and only Renee knows how to stop him. Conscience and fear for her seven-year old daughter compel her to face the Piper, and her failure to stop him as a child, before his victims disappear forever.
     Carousel dives into the world of university orchestra and magic, blending modern classical music with childhood monsters. This dark fantasy is a must-read for any in need of an escape to an uncanny realm of the silent rehearsal hall. 



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