FIFTH DI... December 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

FIFTH DI... December 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

The Fifth Di… presents science fiction, fantasy, and horror for your reading
enjoyment. This issue includes an alternate tale of Iphigenia, sacrificed by
her father during the Trojan War; a new look at Pandora; the problems with
species reassignment therapy; and the end of the end of the world. Come
meet these characters and others in The Fifth Di…


Only the Soul Sees by Ryan Klopp

Short Stories
The Weight by Joseph Carrabis
Grin and Bear It by Gustavo Bondoni
Krampus Night by Thomas Kodnar
Animal Land by Glen R. Stripling
The Unweaving by Elana Gomel

Flash Fiction
Demolishing the Box by Maureen Bowden
A Pleasant Walk, a Pleasant Talk by Graham J. Darling
The Hour Before by Terry Sanville

Dragon’s Hoard by Colleen Anderson
Have Pity by Krista Canterbury Adams



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