FIFTH DI... March 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

FIFTH DI... March 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

The Fifth Di… presents science fiction, fantasy, and horror for your reading
enjoyment. This issue includes tales of what really goes on in a grocery
store; a woman who takes her power from the moons; and a young dragon
who wants to know when she will grow up. Come meet these characters
and others in The Fifth Di…

The Fifth Di…
March 2020

The First Word from the Editor
The Mongoose Effect by Tyree Campbell
Who’s Who?

Short Stories
The Daughter of Doubt by AD Ross
Grocery Purgatory by Mark R Hunter
In the Four Moons Light by Rone Wisten
Fireweed by Debby Feo
The Sun Beneath the Glaciers by Erica Ciko Campbell
A Hero Reborn by David Samuels

Flash Fiction
Don’t Think by Nina Keen

Fire at the Jubilee by Anna O’Brien
Neighborliness in the Interstellar Age by Lisa Timpf
A New Britannia by Lisa Timpf



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