MARTIAN WAVE March 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

The Martian Wave presents science fiction and fantasy about the exploration and settlement of other worlds, all for your reading enjoyment. This issue includes tales of aliens in disguise on Earth; a genetically-engineered woman who goes astray; and the first Martian. Come meet these characters and others in The Martian Wave.

The Martian Wave
March 2020

The First Word from the Editor
Who’s Who?

Short Stories
Leaving Sedna by Mike Morgan
Martian Born by Ralph Benton
A Nice Girl Like You by Tyree Campbell
The Shauns by Kellee Kranendonk
Help-Plants by David A. Riley
First Martian Contact by S. Gepp

Someday by Lisa Timpf
Loving a Spaceman by R. Jean Bell
If We Were Meant to Fly by Debby Feo
Lesson Plan by Holly Day
In Order to Scare the Crows by Debby Feo
In the Breeze by Lisa Timpf