She fell in love with the man who captured her, who wanted to devour her flesh…and worst of all he was not even human. Here is the story of Leda, a talented graduate student in poetics at UCLA who gets herself tangled in a web of cultic magic, monsters, and conspiracies. Through her harrowing tale, Leda is abducted and fed to a legendary monster living in the abandoned railcar lines under Los Angeles. But instead of meeting an early demise at the hands of her minotaur captor, she finds herself caught in an unhuman love that traces the razor-thin line
between monster and human. Through the language of dreams, Leda and the minotaur join in an unholy affair of the heart that leads Leda into an even more dangerous world of powerful, secret societies that have their own mysterious interests in Leda’s new-found love. With a surprise ending that reveals the depths of Leda’s passions as well as the black magic that binds her to her minotaur, Maze to the Monster’s Heart will fill you with delight as well as terror. Equal parts H.P. Lovecraft and Joss Whedon, this is weird fiction at its most erotically monstrous.