NEO-MECHA MAYHEM by Priya Sridhar

NEO-MECHA MAYHEM by Priya Sridhar

Neo-Mecca Mayhem is a cyberpunk dystopia adventure inspired by film director Satoshi Kon.

When a serial killer murders his own daughter, Corsair Heir Neil is determined to find the girl’s twin sister before she suffers the same fate. To do so, he must enter Neo-Mecca, an American military base disguised as a Japanese city of the future, and warn teenage Kaori before her father kills her. He finds himself unable to tell Kaori, however, wracked with guilt and trauma. Kaori, kind and oblivious, refuses to believe she's in danger. Corsairs steal possessions and people to protect them from harm, but Neil is new to the Heir job with his elder brother murdered in the line of duty. He doesn't want to steal anyone. Things only get worse, however, when Neil's sister Nia barges in, determined to keep Neil safe by any means possible and to keep Kaori in the dark. The future has never looked more glittery, or deadly.



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