PUPPETS OF LOW MAGIC by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

PUPPETS OF LOW MAGIC by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

The late 17th/early 18th centuries marked a time of awakening, with the birth of institutions of higher learning, yet the most enlightened of that time spent their cognitive brilliance debating how many angels could fit upon the head of a pin. Satan was ubiquitous, and he was known to have appeared in many forms. He was thought forever present on the earth, a wolf amongst God's holy sheep; watching, waiting for his chance to corrupt the faithful. Temptation loomed—witchcraft was actually practiced—and good men prayed hard for deliverance from Beelzebub and his foul minions.

Rachel Mapes is a Puritan woman who, upon accident of birth, receives an IQ of 160. She has a level of understanding that would take others years of book-learning to achieve. She is able to make connections where it would seem no connection was possible. She possesses strong powers of intuition. And she has to hide her special abilities . . . or be burned at the stake.

But what if she really is a witch . . .?



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