SABIT THE SUMERIAN by Tyree Campbell

SABIT THE SUMERIAN by Tyree Campbell

Cursed and banished to the dung-filled streets of Uruk by the king for whom she was once a companion, Sabit must now sell herself in order to survive. Near starving, and bearing the mark of the lillu, or vampire, she is plagued by dreams of the ancient ones who dwell beyond the mountains of Elam.


Sabit meets a girl around her own age, a kind girl with brilliant blue eyes, who asks what no other woman has ever asked: “What are you selling?” That night, Sabit’s new friend comes to her in a dream, asking for that which cannot be taken, but freely given.  The girl is Shala, Daughter of Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld. Vampire.


Thousands of years pass.  One night, Sabit, now known as Adrienne Bouchard, meets a man in a park, and her life is irrevocably changed once more. His name is Ian Cullen, a recently widowed archaeologist, with a young daughter auspiciously named Shala.


When the Daughter of Ereshkigal returns, she commands Adrienne to make a choice: Kill or turn Ian and his daughter. How will she choose? Will Adrienne sacrifice herself for two humans? Are they nothing but cattle after all?



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