SARROW by Tyree Campbell

The oceans have evaporated as the Earth warmed. It is a time of desolation as the
remnants of humanity live in small settlements scattered on what once was the
ocean floor. Men are paramount, women are breeders. People do what they can
to get by.

One breeder dares to say “No!” to all this: Sarrow. Refusing to breed, and more
skilled and resourceful than most men, she sets off to seek her identity and her
destiny. Along the way she encounters Karthan, a kindred spirit. Like her, he
searches for himself. They are equals.

But the elements conspire against them: earthquakes, salt storms, volcanos, flash
floods. And there are raiding parties who seek to capture and sell slaves. Where
are Sarrow and Karthan to go?

Up, says Sarrow. I believe in you, says Karthan. Thus the perilous journey back
to the land begins.