SHELTER OF DAYLIGHT January 2020 edited by Tyree Campbell

Shelter of Daylight is a semi-annual digest of upbeat and positive science fiction and fantasy—short stories, poem, art, and articles. The works in here appeal to the highest points of readers’ imaginations, of what is possible and what we dream to be possible.


  • Table of Contents


    Metamorphosis by Lawrence Buentello


    Short Stories

    Child of Night and Starlight by Anike Kirsten

    Sandbox by Tyree Campbell

    Rattle the Bones of the City by Lee Clark Zumpe

    The Last Blanket Fort Concert by Priya Sridhar

    A Piece of the Cross by Debby Feo

    New China One by L. K. Pinaire


    Flash Fiction

    The Rip-Current by Will H. Blackwell, Jr.

    The Threatening Sign by Glen R. Stripling



    The Arrival by Debby Feo

    Lucky and His Dad by Alan Ira Gordon

    The Footprint by Debby Feo

    The Witch’s Familiar by K. S. Hardy

    Disclosure by Debby Feo