STATE OF THE ART by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

STATE OF THE ART by Lorraine Pinelli Brown

Jack Dugan's lonely heart has been lightning-struck by a young and beautiful high school teacher, named Christine Day, whose shining, impeccable, loveliness was Heaven sent just for him.  From afar, Jack watches and admires her; yearns, burns...for the entire gift of her.  A single look, a fleeting glance from his Christine, would give him something to live for.  But Jack's great love never seems to notice him, even on those days when he works his way up close to her, close enough to breathe and savor the freshness of her clean, bouncing hair...the perfume of her lily-white neck.  She, however, does not see him.  Jack wracks his brain as he pushes his mop each day for good ways to strut and preen before her.  But before he actually works up the nerve, he must make himself better somehow...and he turns to technology. Out of the frying pan…



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